Do Your Part for Climate Change

In this post we talk about what The World Economic Forum thinks you should do.

9/16/202210 min read

What’s up free people?!

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Today we are going to talk about eating bugs. Or, rather, people trying to force us to eat bugs.

All the information seems to start at a certain place, and that place is overpopulation of our planet. So, let’s look at some figures and see where the truth is. Right now, depending on where you get your information, there’s either 7.97 billion people on the planet of 7.91 billion. That may not seem like a big difference, but that’s a lot of people different. So, let’s just go with the bigger number. We all know that the numbers can be changed at any time that the world dictators decide so. So right now, in 2022, there are 7.97 billion people. This is an increase of 0.83% from the population of 7.90 billion people in 2021. 7.90 billion people in 2021 is a 0.87% increase from 2020’s population of 7.84 billion people. 7.84 billion people is a 0.98% increase from 2019’s 7.76 billion people. And 7.76 billion people is a 1.06% increase from 2018. From just that set of numbers, the population growth is actually slowing down. What is rising is the number of women who are unable to conceive, the number of still births that have happened since last year, and the miscarriage rate which has doubled since pre-2020. What else is rising? The number of heathy adults that are suddenly dropping dead from either heart failure or unknown causes. So, we were already in a decline over the last 4 years and then the lizard people forced vaccinations, and now different portions of our population are dwindling. It looks like we are not going to be facing an over whelming population, as we would be led to believe.

The next thing we noticed, was that every single piece mentioned things like “sustainable, eco-friendly, and net-zero”. First, Net Zero, is nothing but a lie that rich people have been telling so that it looks like they are doing something for the environment. Sorelle Amore just did a really good video on this, and it will be linked in the show notes. Sustainability is a slippery bitch. It’s usually used by big companies, rich people and the woke. Here what they want you to believe is that you choosing to eat, especially meat, is causing major problems for our planet. When you are really the furthest thing from the problem. But in this instance what they want to do is build large “vertical” facilities to grow all these bugs in. Now, in order to do so, they need the initial bundle of bugs, they need food for the bugs, they need water, they need containment, they need employees who will work there and feed the bugs and grow the bugs and clean the enclosures and mop the floors and clean the employee bathrooms and people who do payroll and handle heath benefits and hiring and firing and expansion. But they also need electricity. Where is that electricity going to come from? Is it burning more fossil fuels? Is it solar? Is it a wind farm? No, it is not a wind farm, because they don’t actually create a significant amount of energy. If it’s solar, that’s a lot of solar panels. And solar panels are not recyclable, so every 25 years, you just throw them away and get new ones. If we have bug farms run on thousands of solar panels by 2025, then by the predicted crisis date of 2050, all of the solar panels will need to be replaced… So, it’s either that or fossil fuels. Which isn’t really more sustainable, is it?

The most interesting lie we came across was that “we are running out of protein”. The World Economic Forum would like us to know we are running out of protein. Here’s my question… HOW?! Do you mean that you have completely destroyed our food chain by spraying glyphosate on everything? Cause that I believe. There is zero chance we are running out of protein. Every animal on the planet is made of protein. There are more of them than there are of us. So please spare us this non-sense. I have noticed food factories burning down and large herds of cattle being killed… maybe he means they are killing all of our protein, so that they can build bug plants and we can eat bugs. Next is that part that I find most infuriating. Every single article wanted to target children. One article mentioned that we should start feeding kids bugs when they are young and that a good place to start is with chocolate covered crickets. The article in The Guardian mentions that bugs can be added to school lunches. Every single one of these writers talks about feeding their kids bugs. First of all, take those people’s kids away from them, they are not of sound mind to care for another life. Second, Why the fuck are they always after our kids. They may not be able to defend themselves, but there are plenty of parents out there willing to kill and die for their children. You will not be feeding America’s children bugs at school as long as patriots still exist. Also, did you know that children who are allergic to chocolate are not actually allergic to the chocolate itself? They are allergic to the cockroach pieces that are in the chocolate from the dirty ass production facilities. In an interesting move, they are also targeting the vegans and vegetarians. The vegan agenda they put in place didn’t work fast enough. The human body has a lot of systems it can shut down before you die. And that is exactly what happens. Systems shut down and they start to feel like shit, but they think “oh I’m just not doing it good enough” and they dig in deeper. And it takes a long ass time before they are battered and weak. Maybe it will take less time when we are all eating bugs. You see, weak people are easier to control. Plus, if there is scarcity, then you will be more inclined to rely on your government to take care of you. So, the enticement of getting vegans and vegetarians to eat bugs is that if you freeze them, they die peacefully. Plus, millions of bugs are dying everyday anyway, so what does it matter if you eat them??

So as a closing argument for most of these articles, there is the mandatory guilt trip. One writer even went as far as to state “Insects are part of a VIRTUOUS eco cycle.” Here’s the move that we’ve been seeing forever in this climate change narrative. YOU are the problem. It’s not the oil company’s fault that you want their product. It’s not Amazon’s fault you want your crap from China tomorrow. It’s definitely not the billionaires’ yachts or private jets. It’s not the giant corporations. It’s not mining for shit for your electric car that you just had to have. We’ve looked at it from all angles and we keep coming back to the same problem and it’s you. So, you should do more for the environment. You should stop using your air conditioner in the summer. You should stop running your heater in the winter. You should not charge the electric car we told you that you should buy. You should eat bugs. In fact, you should allow us to give you an allowance of carbon, and every time you are bad and go over it, you should have to pay us more money. And you should be ashamed of the way you have been acting. And all the while, we are going to give your tax dollars to oil companies, and companies who use slave labor, and cause even more pollution, we are going to fly our private jets as often as we want and sail around on our yachts and make sure that all of our office chairs have air conditioners that blow cold air on our tiny balls, but the problem is you. Don’t forget it. They already tested how far each of us is willing to go when we are told we are the problem. 2020 was a perfect example of how we were tested. If we fell for that, then we will fall for anything. In fact, Klaus Schwab said at a WEF summit last year “Covid 19 could go from a health crisis to an economic crisis to a food crisis.” So at least he told us what the plan is. But it’s interesting how many articles from WEF there are about eating bugs and how often they mention Covid 19. This was always part of the plan.

Last but not least of the non-sense, every single article mention how HEALTHY bugs are for you! They have more protein than animal meat, they have all of the necessary amino acids, they are less calories per 100g. Healthy. We care about your health. We allow for food manufacturers to put dyes and chemicals and carcinogens and toxins and human hair in food, but our main concern is your health. Let’s talk about these claims. Healthline states that 100g of adult crickets, like common house crickets, contain 13.2-20.3 grams of protein. Every cut of beef contains between 25 and 30 grams of protein per 100 grams. I think it’s interesting that they use grams, because most regular people do not know, especially in America, what 100g of food is. So, let’s break it down. 100g of steak is about 4 ounces. I know zero Americans who eat only 4 ounces of steak, by the way, because 4 ounces of steak is approximately the size of you palm. Not with your fingers, just the palm. Crickets are a little trickier, because they can weigh between 0.2g and 0.8g each, so let’s just say you got a batch of little ones… That’s 400 crickets that you would have to eat in order to get 13.2 to 20.3 grams of protein. Most adults need at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. That’s a fuck ton of crickets. Let’s also talk about the fact that bugs don’t really have any fat on them. Now I know that the narrative of the food industry has been that fat is bad for you for so many years know, but if that’s the case why is there sunflower oil in everything? Just because it’s toxic? The truth is, is that humans need fat in their diet. And they really need animal fat in their diet. Women will not menstruate or be able to reproduce without fat. Men’s testosterone levels tank on low-fat diets. We are not a species who can live without fat.

So, let’s move on and talk about some of the really glaring issues with the narrative around us eating bugs. Let’s go back to the “less resources” and “sustainability” portion of this. In The Guardian, Richard Godwin writes “it ought to be obvious to anyone with an appetite that the way we eat is not sustainable.” NO RICHARD, what ought to be obvious is that if we feed cows what they are supposed to eat, instead of Monsanto corn and soy, we would need less “resources” to farm cattle. What ought to be obvious is that the PIC’s are making the masses sick so that they can make money and have control and that this ploy to eat bugs is more of the same. Cows are supposed to eat grass. That grass can be grown where the cows live instead of in a separate field on a separate farm that is making money for Monsanto.

Let’s all think back to when we were like 6 and remember how things grow. They need water and they need food, and they need…sun, that’s right, sun. If all of your bugs are grown in vertical labs somewhere and never get any natural sun, how can they be healthy? And we aren’t going to say windows, because windows block out necessary spectrums of light. A fucking lab is not a natural place to grow healthy food. Another level of the bugs being sustainable is the fact that they can feed them trash. They will eat trash which will reduce the trash in landfills and then you can eat them. How healthy do you think food is that eats trash? But then we are also going to feed bugs to our pets and to livestock. Did you catch that? We just talked about what cows eat… it’s grass. They are herbivores. But now we are going to try to force them to eat bugs. Like did I fall through a funhouse mirror? Who came up with this?

Now another possible option in the less resources category is that they want to build high tech, robot operated facilities. I guess that means at least we don’t have to pay them a livable wage… But how expensive is it to build a robot? And how long til they take over and kill us all, like the ones in China? At least we’ll be too weak from eating an inadequate diet of crickets to put up any kind of fight. Instead of paying workers, we will be paying for robots and software updates and satellites and computer programmers and repair men. We’ll be paying for whatever high tech means to them at the time. Foods that have bugs in them are already hitting stores all over the world. Healthy cheese puffs with cricked flour, meat made of meal worms, crackers made of God knows what, chocolate covered anything you can think of, cakes with larvae butter, if you’re lucky, cockroach milk, but also cat food. It seems like a good way to normalize buying bugs and bringing them into your home! And eating the same food as your cat! Why the fuck didn’t we think of this before? We should just eat cat food! Problem solved. Also, how do you milk something that isn’t a mammal?

I think there is one final question here before we talk about what you can do. And that is, do they know crickets are cannibals? They eat each other to get more protein in their diet.

Ok, cool story bro, what can we do.

I think the first really big thing you can do, is choose your health. Eat good animal protein and fat. Your brain needs fat to function optimally. Quit buying processed food. They really are going to start sneaking bug pieces into everything. Make sure you are drinking clean filtered water, not that shit that comes out of the tap, they are using that to poison you, too. Do resistance training. Pick up heavy shit. The more natural muscle you have on your body, the better. Remember if you are weak and sick, you are easy to control. Take responsibility for yourself, for your body and for your life.

Start using CASH to pay for things. Everyone is trying to push a global digital money system and if they succeed, they will have total control over your money. That means, they have total control of what you can buy to eat. Use cash. Show your community and your state and your country that cash is still important to you.

Learn how do things like hunt and fish. These are skills that may be necessary to have if we are unsuccessful in keeping cash alive. They may also be illegal, but this is a safe space for rebels.

Learn how to listen to your intuition. We are so distracted all of the fucking time, that we don’t really even know what we think about things. We are so tightly governed that we don’t really even have to think for ourselves. However, in times when global communism is looming, it is direly important for you to know that you do not need to be told what to do. You do not need an authority. You do not need to be governed. You innately know right from wrong. You have to be able to listen to yourself. You have to be able to trust yourself.

Thanks for hanging out today. Go out into the world and show your government that tyranny and socialism will not be tolerated. We’ll see you next time!